Updated 07/01/17

2017 Millcreek 4th Of July Parade

Arrival Time 9:00 - 10:00
Must be in place by 10:15
DIVISION 4 - Starts at South side of 12th and Oregon
1 West Ridge Fire Dept
(corner W 12th and Oregon west)
2 Zem Zem Shriners
(Corner 12th & Oregon east)
3 Zem Zem Shriners
(with other shriners)
4 Marco's Pizza
(3141 W 12th)
5 King Cobra Karate
(3131 W 12th)
6 Fitness U
(across from Michigan)
7 Girl Scouts Troup 36827
(3123 w 12th Edgewood Plaza)
8 Erie Puppy Mill Awareness
(3109 W 12th)
9 The Jays Band
(Trailer on Marshall)
10 Trojans Youth Athletics/ Cheerleading
(at Bill Moorhead Plumbing Sign)
11 Boy Scouts OP District
(Trailer on Marshall)
12 Greater Erie Dental Associates
(Roy's Auto Sign)
13 Mill Village Fire Dept
(Roy's Auto - close to guard rail)
14 Odis 12 Bar and Grille
(Comfort inn by Guard Rail)
15 Traditional Values
(Comfort Inn Entrance on 12th)
16 Bonnell's Auto Group
(12th and Harper west)
17 Connoisseur Media
(12th and Harper east)
18 NW PA Price Alliance
(in front of John Fries Auto)
19 Millcreek Paramedics
(in front of John Fries Auto)
20 Erie Thunderbirds
21 United States Border Patrol
(in front of Masterpiece flooring)
22 Erie Jeep People
(3213 W 12th)
23 Belle Valley Fire Dept
(In Front of Erie Drive Train)