Updated 07/01/18

2018 Millcreek 4th Of July Parade

Arrival Time 9:00 - 10:00
Must be in place by 10:15
DIVISION 4 - Starts at South side of 12th and Oregon
1 Wesleville Fire Dept
(corner W 12th and Oregon west)
2 U.S. Border Patrol
(Corner 12th & Oregon east)
3 King Cobra Karate
(with other Shriners)
4 Donatos Pizza
(3141 W 12th)
5 Brandon Fresch Insurance
(3131 W 12th)
6 Pipes and Drums of Erepa Grotto
7 Erie County Dairy Princess
(Across from Michigan)
8 WCTL Radio
(3123 W 12th Edgewood Plaza)
9 American Red Cross of NW PA
(3109 West 12th)
10 Lake Erie Mustang Club
(at Bill Moorhead Plumbing Sign)
11 NWPA Pride Alliance
(Roy's Auto Sign)
12 Theory of Evolution Band
(Trailer on Marshall)
13 Girl Scout Troop 36502
(Roy's Auto - close to guard rail)
14 Erie Roller Girls
(Comfort inn by Guard Rail)
15 Gypsy Rose Pirate Bus
(Comfort Inn Entrance on 12th)
16 J.D. Byrider
(12th and Harper west)
17 Connoisseur Media
(12th and Harper east)
18 Fitness U / I Rock
(12th and Harper East)
19 Zem Zem
(in front of John Fries Auto)
20 West Ridge Fire Department
(in front of John Fries Auto)

- - - Positions are subject to change - - All addresses are approximate